Part of the System: You and Your Voting Machine

This year is an election year. It’s a very important federal election, with the office of the President at the top of the ticket. Everybody in the House of Representatives is up for election, as well as a third of the Senate. Although federal offices are on the line, voting is controlled by individual states. […]

In the World of DIY, Should I Write My Own Patent Application?

{6:50 minutes to read} While people can file patent applications themselves, it’s very difficult to get through the entire patent process without the help of a professional patent attorney or agent. There are many things on the internet and on TV to encourage people to DIY—do it yourself. There are programs on how to remodel […]

How to Be a Pro with Pro Bono

{3:25 minutes to read} Many owners of startup businesses are understandably concerned about the cost of protecting their intellectual property. The patenting process can be expensive and a little bit scary, with an uncertain outcome. For those who are “bootstrapping” it—working with their own money, without borrowing or having partners or investors—it can be even […]

Do I Need a Working Prototype Before Filing My Patent? Ask Edison!

{5:00 minutes to read} Today I want to talk about a book I just finished reading, called The Last Days of Night: A Novel by Graham Moore, about the patent wars between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse.  Edison filed over 300 patent infringement lawsuits against Westinghouse.

Has Your Fashion Design Fallen Victim to Gaps in Copyright Law?

{5:20 minutes to read} Fall Fashion Week starts September 8, 2016, creating a lot of excitement and traffic in the New York area. That brings to mind: What type of intellectual property protections are there in the United States for fashion? Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to protect fashion design. If a designer comes up […]

Design Patents: Form, Not Function

{4:10 minutes to read} A good design patent can be asserted in court and can protect a product. In previous blog posts, I’ve talked a lot about utility patents. Today, I’ll talk about design patents. Some of the laws and regulations that apply to utility patents also apply to design patents—but in many ways, design […]

What is the Cost to File a Utility Patent?

{4 minutes to read} A common question people have is: How much does it cost to get a utility patent? The answer: It depends. There are many variables that can affect the total cost, such as the complexity of the invention and how much prior art already exists. That said, some aspects can be discussed […]

Patent Trolls: Giving Our Licensing Scheme a Bad Name – Part 2

{4 minutes to read} Three Billy Goats Gruff are crossing a bridge. A patent troll materializes on the bridge and blocks their way. “Pay me a licensing fee or I’ll throw you off the bridge,” he demands. In order to understand the phenomenon of so-called “patent trolls,” one must first understand what a Non-Practicing Entity […]

Patent Trolls: Giving Our Licensing Scheme a Bad Name – Part 1

  {4:00 minutes to read} On the first day of summer, the decision in the US Supreme Court case of Cuozzo Speed Technologies, LLC  v. Lee was handed down. The ruling affirmed the new practice of post grant reviews of patents already granted—which could have broad implications for patent owners, especially Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs), including […]

Need to Add Something New to Your Patent Application? Consider a Continuation-in-Part

{3:30 minutes to read} We’ve previously discussed 2 types of child applications in regards to patents: divisional and continuation. The third type of child application you can file is called a “continuation-in-part.” A continuation-in-part is a little different from a continuation or a divisional in that we’re adding something new to the application. That is […]