A Personal Story: My Path to Becoming a Patent Attorney (Part 1)

When I meet new clients, they don’t realize at first that being a patent lawyer is actually a second career for me. Since a lot of people find how I got to where I am today an interesting story, I’ve decided to share it with you, my readers. When I was in high school, I […]

What Goes Into a Patent Application?

Many people are under the impression that drafting a patent application is just a matter of filling out forms, like any type of government application, and perhaps submitting a picture, as you do when you’re applying for a passport. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, preparing a patent application is a complex […]

What is Patentable? The Phenomena of Nature Exception

The answer to the question “what is patentable?” should be pretty straightforward, because the applicable law says: “a machine, a manufacturer, composition, or a process, or the improvements thereof, are patentable.” However, over the years, the courts have created very specific guidelines concerning what is or is not patentable. One exception to patentability is called […]

What Should an Attorney Charge to File and Prosecute a Patent Application?

Not surprisingly, one of the first questions clients usually ask me is “how much does it cost to get a patent?” While there are some government fees that apply regardless of which attorney you choose to file and prosecute (i.e. prepare the application and shepherd it through to issuance) your patent, the attorneys fees can […]

Patent Law: Business As Usual

{6 minutes to read} We have a new president. We have new members of Congress with a different distribution between the two parties. And probably before the Supreme Court sits for a new session in October, we’ll have a ninth justice. The question is: How are the changes in Washington going to affect patent law?

FAQ: What Should I Expect When Meeting with a Patent Attorney?

{Read in 4:50 minutes}Many times when meeting with clients for the first time, they are very shy and say, “I’ve never met with a patent attorney before.” They don’t know what to expect or what they need to bring to the first appointment in order to discuss whether they should pursue a patent. There are […]

How Can I Get My Patent Application Approved Faster?

{Read in 4:30 minutes} A question I often get is, “How long does it take to get a patent?” There may be business reasons to get your patent faster, such as to attract by showing investors you have a patentable idea. Or perhaps you just want to have patent protection before you introduce your product […]

Great News, Your Patent Application Has Been Rejected!

{Read in 4:30 minutes} Whenever I start a conversation with a client with the phrase, “Good news: Your patent application was rejected,” I get: “What?” I always tell my clients from the very beginning that patent applications normally are rejected, and it’s a good thing. Over 90% of all patent applications have at least one […]

DIY Patents: Some Things May Be Best Left to the Professionals

Oftentimes I hear from people who have started the patent process on their own—called representing yourself. The legal term for that is pro se. I addressed some aspects in this issue a few months back, but I want to elaborate. Is This a Good Idea? I’ve also talked previously about the various reduced fee and […]

Freedom to Operate: Important for Every Type of Business

{4:50 minutes to read} Anybody who’s introducing a new product into the retail space needs to worry about whether that new product is infringing somebody else’s patent or trademark. Patent Issues Some of my clients who are in the process of getting a patent, or already have a patent, on a device don’t really understand […]