Need Help with a Trademark? Consult a Law Student!

In the past, we’ve talked about the patent pro Bono program. This program offers assistance to individuals who have inventions that may be patentable, but can’t afford an attorney. It’s sponsored by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and administered locally. Generally, you must have a low income.  You can learn more about […]

A Personal Story: My Path to Becoming a Patent Attorney (Part 2)

Last time, I explained the circumstances that led me to start law school after I “retired” from chemistry. Now the rest of the story. It’s very different to start law school when you’re…I’ll be kind to myself and use the word…”mature.” I was the second oldest student in my class, and I was the oldest […]

Patent Law: Business As Usual

{6 minutes to read} We have a new president. We have new members of Congress with a different distribution between the two parties. And probably before the Supreme Court sits for a new session in October, we’ll have a ninth justice. The question is: How are the changes in Washington going to affect patent law?

FAQ: What Should I Expect When Meeting with a Patent Attorney?

{Read in 4:50 minutes}Many times when meeting with clients for the first time, they are very shy and say, “I’ve never met with a patent attorney before.” They don’t know what to expect or what they need to bring to the first appointment in order to discuss whether they should pursue a patent. There are […]

What is the Cost to File a Utility Patent?

{4 minutes to read} A common question people have is: How much does it cost to get a utility patent? The answer: It depends. There are many variables that can affect the total cost, such as the complexity of the invention and how much prior art already exists. That said, some aspects can be discussed […]

Patent math: When your one invention turns into three

{3 minutes to read} To understand divisional patents, one must understand how the patent office operates. When you file a patent, you pay a fee. Actually, you pay three fees bundled into one: 1. A filing fee is for the privilege of filing documents. 2. A search fee allows a patent-examiner to perform a beginning […]

Strategy for Starting Out With the Correct Patent Application!

{3 minutes to read} In my latest article, I outlined how to move a patent application through a patent office in approximately a year’s time and the strategy involved in doing so. Personally, I believe a holistic patent strategy is imperative for my clients—an examination of all aspects of the client’s business and how that […]

Remember the Children!

{4:30 minutes to read} An ongoing business needs to have a portfolio of patents built around a product. To help clients remember this, I often say, “Remember the children.” I don’t mean their heirs, but their future patent applications. To develop a portfolio, I start with something I call a parent application, and then I […]

Inventing in Your Golden Years—Using Age to Your Advantage

{4:35 minutes to read} In my last two articles, I discussed mother-daughter inventor teams. Today, I’d like to talk about another special group of clients—one I can relate to very easily: baby boomers and retirees. The New York Times recently wrote about this phenomenon. Some retired clients have told me that their idea had been […]

For the Love of Dogs – A Patented Solution

{2:55 minutes to read} In my last article, I spoke about a mother-daughter team who came up with a couple of clever inventions for babies. Today, we look at another mother-daughter team with a passion for dogs. Like many pet owners, these inventors liked to walk their dogs on a harness instead of a traditional […]