Do I Need a Working Prototype Before Filing My Patent? Ask Edison!

{5:00 minutes to read} Today I want to talk about a book I just finished reading, called The Last Days of Night: A Novel by Graham Moore, about the patent wars between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse.  Edison filed over 300 patent infringement lawsuits against Westinghouse.

Patent math: When your one invention turns into three

{3 minutes to read} To understand divisional patents, one must understand how the patent office operates. When you file a patent, you pay a fee. Actually, you pay three fees bundled into one: 1. A filing fee is for the privilege of filing documents. 2. A search fee allows a patent-examiner to perform a beginning […]

Strategy for Starting Out With the Correct Patent Application!

{3 minutes to read} In my latest article, I outlined how to move a patent application through a patent office in approximately a year’s time and the strategy involved in doing so. Personally, I believe a holistic patent strategy is imperative for my clients—an examination of all aspects of the client’s business and how that […]

Remember the Children!

{4:30 minutes to read} An ongoing business needs to have a portfolio of patents built around a product. To help clients remember this, I often say, “Remember the children.” I don’t mean their heirs, but their future patent applications. To develop a portfolio, I start with something I call a parent application, and then I […]

Inventing in Your Golden Years—Using Age to Your Advantage

{4:35 minutes to read} In my last two articles, I discussed mother-daughter inventor teams. Today, I’d like to talk about another special group of clients—one I can relate to very easily: baby boomers and retirees. The New York Times recently wrote about this phenomenon. Some retired clients have told me that their idea had been […]

Necessity Is the Mother of All Invention

{4:10 minutes to read} I find it very interesting that I’m working with 3 mother-daughter teams. They are adult mothers & daughters and have been able to collaborate very successfully on some new inventions. Here’s the story of one of these mother-daughter teams: They had previously brought a garment idea to a patent attorney who […]