Patricia P. Werschulz, Esq.
Registration 63,079

Patent Number
Area of Art
 9,651,224  Work light with variable voltage transformer and removable lens
 9,615,140  Method and device for delivery of subtitle synchronized with a media stream
 9,612,035  Mirror defogger
 9,604,022  Portable manual ventilation device
 9,498,036  Divider and kit
 9,439,401  Pet coat
 9,256,302  Stylus pen
 9,204,673  Wearable blanket
 9,204,621  Pet coat
 9,149,684  Climbing tool
 9,134,027  Air fire lighter
 9,103,081  Below main cable work platform support
 9,078,839  Treatment of ashy skin by a topical composition and methods of manufacture thereof
 8,991,082  Memorabilia storage device
 8,973,580  Portable manual ventilation device
 8,851,885  Air fire lighter
8,784,010 Oilfield Road Crossing Mechanical
8,783,460 Hair Bow Carry Case Mechanical
8,783,200 Transformable hull vessel Mechanical; boating
8,764,032 Shopping Cart Mechanical
8,752,316 Apparatus for Identifying Strollers Mechanical
8,745,768 Concealed Smart Phone Pocket Mechanical; clothing
8,745,767 Concealed Smart Phone Pocket Mechanical; clothing
8,722,938 Novel Arylated Camphenes, Process for Their Preparation and Uses Thereof Chemistry
8,707,469 Concealed Smart Phone Pocket Mechanical; clothing
8,695,932 Removable Vehicle Seat Support Mechanical; automotive
8,693,768 Cosmetic Base Matching System Software and device
8,684,891 Waist-Mounted Parachute Deployment and Retracting System Mechanical; sports
8,656,937 Outdoor Umbrella Stabilizer System Mechanical; household device
8,652,463 Dietary Supplement to Reduce the Occurrence of Migraines and Treatment of Their Symptoms Life Sciences
8,651,275 Flatware Napkin Holder Mechanical; household device
8,627,515 Multifaceted Lightweight Collapsible Hat Mechanical; clothing
8,616,121 Cooktop Drain Mechanical; household device
8,607,669 Gripper for Opening Lumen and Vial Closures Medical device
8,603,376 Railroad direct fixation tie covering system Mechanical
8,597,068 Safe spinning button necklace toy Mechanical; toy
8,550,014 Perfect Pedestal Plate System Mechanical; household device
8,528,237 Snow plow Mechanical; automotive
8,512,171 Batter training device and method Mechanical; sports
8,495,990 Pre-injection fuel atomization system Mechanical; automotive
8,464,662 Automatic housebreaking pad disposal apparatus Mechanical; household device
8,463,257 System for redirecting cellular phone calls to conventional landline handsets Electrical; communications
8,458,814 Cookie Cutting Glove Textile; household device
8,424,417 Gripper for Opening Lumen and Vial Closures Medical device
8,328,055 Wrist holder for a smartphone or personal digital assistant Mechanical; personal accessories
8,315,722 Advanced Fantasy Sports Competition Having User-Drafted and System-Generated Fantasy Teams Software; on-line gaming
8,312,565 Baby sleep and comfort aid Mechanical; clothing; infant accessory
8,272,072 System for reversible garments absent sewn seams Mechanical; clothing; children accessory
8,267,673 Brushless cooling fan Electrical; automotive
8,222,506 Harmonica Teaching System Software; music instruction
8,209,794 Automatic pool level Electrical; household device
8,147,270 Cord management method and sleeve for ends of Y-shaped cords Mechanical; personal accessories
8,122,541 Bed sheet attachment system Mechanical; textiles
8,117,698 Diaper Changing System Mechanical; clothing; infant accessory
8,092,225 Device for Helping A Toddler Learn to Walk Mechanical; infant accessory
7,962,996 Mobile yard vacuum cart for use with hand-held leaf blowers Mechanical; household device