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ARRGH! Business cards

As I shared with you last week, I am attending many networking events, trying to connect with potential clients and, just as important, potential referrals.  I attend these events, and depending on the structure, I meet anywhere from 3 to 20 people for the first time.  During these initial conversations, there is the exchange of […]

Kissing Frogs – networking lessons

How does an attorney and a client find each other?   It is critical for every business to figure out how the customer will find them.  Advertising is what most would answer.  However, long before we had “media,” we had word of mouth.  Most people found the professional they needed by asking around for a referral.  […]

Top of my “TO DO” list – avoiding infingement

In the first weeks of Werschulz Patent Law, LLC, I created long lists of things that I had to get done.  There were many tasks in many categories, from securing malpractice insurance (which had a list of subtasks), securing an office, registering the firm name, changing my information with the various bars (NY, NJ and […]

What’s in a name? Startup lesson 3

With apologies to Will Shakespeare: One of the first thing a start-up needs to decide up front is the name! Naming your company or your firm is critical, especially when you are in a service industry.  The name is your brand.  Since I have a considerable trademark practice and worked for twenty years in a […]

First Things First

After I decided it was time for me to start my solo law firm, I gathered information from friends who had done just that.  I created a list of tasks and placed them in an order that made sense to me at the time.  What I quickly discovered to my surprise was I had no […]

Suddenly Solo: Reality sets in

Shocking realization number 101 – I am not a great bookkeeper.  I went into the solo world thinking I could do it all, marketing, bookkeeping, paralegal work in addition to that law stuff.  Well, as I will share with you, I am reaching out for help for some of this stuff already. So with great […]


Hello and welcome!  This blog is generally about being an attorney on my own after working in a small firm, working in a Fortune 100 company, working in startups, but never on my own.  My recently divorced or widowed friends can identify with some of my feelings.  You do not need to be an attorney […]