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The Strategy Behind Filing Provisional Patent Applications

{3:40 minutes to read} In our last article, we discussed the timeline of a provisional patent application. In this article, we continue to explore the strategy that can be applied to this type of application.   Often, clients are wary about committing to full patent applications while in development of a product. However, during this […]

What Are the Steps to Get a Utility Patent?

{2:45 minutes to read} When you are starting the patenting process for a utility patent, there are two types of applications to consider–provisional & non-provisional. Which one to start with is a matter of budget and strategy.

How Long Will It Take Me to Get My Patent?

{4 minutes to read} A question I am frequently asked is, “How long does it take to get a patent?” As with most things, the short answer is, “It depends.” I often say that a typical case takes about 3 years. To understand why, we need to look at patent law history. Previously, when a […]

Patent math: When your one invention turns into three

{3 minutes to read} To understand divisional patents, one must understand how the patent office operates. When you file a patent, you pay a fee. Actually, you pay three fees bundled into one: 1. A filing fee is for the privilege of filing documents. 2. A search fee allows a patent-examiner to perform a beginning […]

Strategy for Starting Out With the Correct Patent Application!

{3 minutes to read} In my latest article, I outlined how to move a patent application through a patent office in approximately a year’s time and the strategy involved in doing so. Personally, I believe a holistic patent strategy is imperative for my clients—an examination of all aspects of the client’s business and how that […]

Remember the Children!

{4:30 minutes to read} An ongoing business needs to have a portfolio of patents built around a product. To help clients remember this, I often say, “Remember the children.” I don’t mean their heirs, but their future patent applications. To develop a portfolio, I start with something I call a parent application, and then I […]

Inventing in Your Golden Years—Using Age to Your Advantage

{4:35 minutes to read} In my last two articles, I discussed mother-daughter inventor teams. Today, I’d like to talk about another special group of clients—one I can relate to very easily: baby boomers and retirees. The New York Times recently wrote about this phenomenon. Some retired clients have told me that their idea had been […]

For the Love of Dogs – A Patented Solution

{2:55 minutes to read} In my last article, I spoke about a mother-daughter team who came up with a couple of clever inventions for babies. Today, we look at another mother-daughter team with a passion for dogs. Like many pet owners, these inventors liked to walk their dogs on a harness instead of a traditional […]

Necessity Is the Mother of All Invention

{4:10 minutes to read} I find it very interesting that I’m working with 3 mother-daughter teams. They are adult mothers & daughters and have been able to collaborate very successfully on some new inventions. Here’s the story of one of these mother-daughter teams: They had previously brought a garment idea to a patent attorney who […]

Suddenly solo: When solo means going it alone

As those of you who follow me know I have been absent for the last few months.  One of the hard lessons I have learned this year – and today it is one year since I formally started the firm – solo sometimes means alone. My husband had a very bad fall and broke his […]