Werschulz Patent Law Recognized for Excellence

Werschulz Patent Law Recognized for Excellence by Pat Werschulz

I was raised in the generation that was told “self-praise stinks,” and “nice girls don’t brag,” so it’s against my nature to brag. But the time has come for me to start bragging about my law firm and my practice.

Recently, a couple of things have happened that show how even a solo attorney can achieve great results for clients. This weekend, my law firm was listed on the top 40 law firms for utility patents gained, design patents gained, and trademarks registered for 2018. (The New Jersey Supreme Court requires me to tell you that submission of statistics to this list is completely voluntary, so this is not a statistically-valid measurement.)

Oppedahl Patent Law Firm, LLC. has collected these statistics and published them for seven years. Carl Oppedahl has one of the most popular blogs for patent and trademark practitioners — so many, many practitioners read it and submit their statistics. Carl validates those statistics by using the US Patent and Trademark Office database. So, the numbers are real.

At the top of the list are firms that have more than a thousand in numbers, but then again, they’re large law firms. I’m pretty proud that, as a solo attorney, I made the list. (I didn’t realize that I could make the list until last year when I looked and thought, Hey! I had more patents issued than that firm. I’m going to submit next year.)

You can check it out here https://blog.oppedahl.com/?page_id=4334  here, https://blog.oppedahl.com/?page_id=4370 and here https://blog.oppedahl.com/?page_id=4354

My second piece of healthy bragging has to do with the fact that evidently, I am a rising star among New Jersey Super Lawyers. (Again, the Supreme Court of New Jersey requires me to tell you that the methodology has not been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.)

I’m especially pleased because I had to be nominated and voted on by my peers — and apparently, some of them think that I’m doing a great job!

It’s not characteristic of me to brag, but I feel it’s time to let everybody know that I’m doing a great job for my clients.

Please visit the Super Lawyers Selection Process for a detailed description of the Super Lawyers selection methodology.

DISCLAIMER: No aspect of this advertisement has been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. 

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