This Valentine’s Day, Enjoy Your Intellectual Property

Werschulz Patent Law - This Valentine’s Day, Enjoy Your Intellectual Property - Patricia Werschulz

{2:30 minutes to read} February 14th is Valentine’s Day. It’s a special day in our household because my youngest grandson, Xavier, was born on Valentine’s Day. To many people, it’s also a good day for romance and love.

I’m sure most don’t think about intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, although the romantic day is filled with them!

Let’s talk a little bit about it:

  • You want to give your sweetheart some beautiful miniature roses. They may be covered by patents owned by Ralph S. Moore. Ralph has been breeding miniature roses for many years and has six patents for miniature rose plants, such as US PP11099 or US PP1808.
  • Maybe you’re thinking of getting something special to eat for a romantic dinner. How about heart-shaped pepperoni slices for your pizza? They were invented by William C. Arbaugh II. He owns design patent USD491338.
  • Perhaps you would like to buy your dear one a heart-shaped pendant that can hold little treasures. US PD711278 is a heart-shaped locket owned by Origami Owl, LLC, a jewelry company.
  • Pepperoni pizza, roses, or heart-shaped lockets are not your thing? Maybe a simple romantic greeting card. Yousef Daneshera owns patent US 5318327 for a romantic greeting card. He has designed this greeting card to have a place for you to put your photo, hair clippings, your favorite scent, and even a lip print. They all have a special place in the structure of this card.
  • Maybe there isn’t something in the patent world that you want to send. Maybe you want to send some chocolates. Of course, Hershey’s Kisses® are a well-known, registered trademark. Hershey owns 49 federally registered trademarks using the word “KISS” with 11 more pending.
  • Let’s get into simple cards. They always have a picture on the front and a greeting inside—they are all covered by copyrights from the greeting card publisher. Even those that have romantic jingles when you open them, of course, feature music covered by copyrights.

Intellectual property permeates everything you could possibly give your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Have a romantic day and enjoy your patented, registered, and copyrighted delights!


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