For the Love of Dogs – A Patented Solution

For the Love of Dogs - A Patented Solution

{2:55 minutes to read} In my last article, I spoke about a mother-daughter team who came up with a couple of clever inventions for babies. Today, we look at another mother-daughter team with a passion for dogs.

Like many pet owners, these inventors liked to walk their dogs on a harness instead of a traditional collar (and the dogs liked it, too). The problem arose when they wanted to put a sweater or coat on the dog for protection from harsh weather. Most dog sweaters and coats are designed for use with collars – not harnesses.

Many people would try getting around this by cutting a hole in the back of the garment, through which the harness could be attached to the leash. Of course, this usually meant ruining the sweaters and coats, some of which can be quite expensive (and if they were knit, they were thoroughly ruined).

The other option was a coat with an opening that went a little bit further down the back. The problem was that such a coat had to go over the dog’s head, which was very cumbersome. Dogs generally don’t like having something put over their heads.

So this mother-daughter team came up with the idea of putting the harness in the coat. Then, they faced the question of how to get it onto the dog without having to go over his head.

Their solution was to include a zipper down the back of the coat, allowing the dog to step into it just like he would step into a harness. Then, the owner could zip up the back and link the two sides of the harness so it attached to the leash.

And with this combination, a novel product was created and awarded U.S. patent 9,204621. A video demo of this ingenious product can be seen. This mother-daughter team started a company and are manufacturing and selling their product, all within about a year and a half.

Both mother-daughter teams received their patents in less than one year. Next time we will discuss different strategies to expedite an application. Do you have an idea that you would like patented? Contact us today to get started!

P. S. If you are interested in product development, listen in to “21st Century Entrepreneur” radio show on “2016/01/22 – How to Take a Consumer Product to Market” with Eugene Seagriff and myself.


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