Suddenly solo: When solo means going it alone

As those of you who follow me know I have been absent for the last few months.  One of the hard lessons I have learned this year – and today it is one year since I formally started the firm – solo sometimes means alone.

My husband had a very bad fall and broke his hip three months ago.  Suddenly life changed with him in the hospital, surgery, then rehab for almost a month, followed by outpatient PT.  He could not drive for a good long time so I became the chauffeur.  Life became logistically complicated and keeping up with the work became a challenge.  (He is doing well, back to work, driving and all the other activities of daily living, but he walks with a cane.)

I had to triage.  First came the work for my clients.  There were some serious deadlines that could not be missed without committing malpractice.  Second came the work that was necessary to bring the clients on board, such as retainer agreements, invoices and meetings.  Third – a distant third, was business development activities, such as networking events, social media and working on my website.  Bookkeeping and blogging were a distant last.

I did hire someone with a JD to do some non-patent writing, such as letters.  I am actively looking for a part-time bookkeeper because I may be solo, but I can’t be alone in this enterprise.  I have learned my lesson.