Top of my “TO DO” list – avoiding infingement

In the first weeks of Werschulz Patent Law, LLC, I created long lists of things that I had to get done.  There were many tasks in many categories, from securing malpractice insurance (which had a list of subtasks), securing an office, registering the firm name, changing my information with the various bars (NY, NJ and USPTO) not to mention developing a preliminary budget, marketing plan, mission statement and all that other business “busy-ness.”   So it may be counter-intuitive (which is my theme), but I soon realized that I needed a set of head shots, professionally done.

I needed a website.  Without a website, you don’t exist to the world.  Even your friends and classmates from law school are going to look at your website before they refer anyone to you.  A website without some visual content is worse than dull.  Stealing photos from around the internet would be beyond wrong for an IP attorney.

I needed to update my LinkedIn® profile, sign my emails and order stationery.  My online profile had my picture from my previous employer.  I did not own the copyright.  Didn’t think it was a good start in establishing an intellectual property law firm by infringing somebody’s IP rights.  First I removed the old firm’s photos.

In week two, I had a sitting. I now have a great collection of poses in my files.  The photographer knew exactly what I needed.  I use these photos everyday in every email I send, on my note cards when I send a personal note to a client, on my social media profiles and on my website, of course. I am glad I took the time in the beginning to have these available. Worth the initial investment.