Hello and welcome!  This blog is generally about being an attorney on my own after working in a small firm, working in a Fortune 100 company, working in startups, but never on my own.  My recently divorced or widowed friends can identify with some of my feelings.  You do not need to be an attorney to get it.  So what do I mean about being SUDDENLY SOLO.  It means doing everything by yourself.  Taking out the garbage, walking the dog, opening the mail, answering the phone all falls on the solo.  I made up the part about the dog; Werschulz Patent Law does not have a dog.  The rest is the truth.  So for the last seven months I have been trying to figure out how to do all those things, develop a client base and service the clients I have.  Now I have to file out all of the nasty USPTO forms and gather all those documents.  Worse yet, I get love notes from the USPTO of how I left out a number or checked the wrong box.  It takes three forms to correct a mistake on one.  Follow along as I learn to be #suddenlysolo.